surya ashtakam in telugu pdf

The Sun God (Srya) seated on a chariot drawn by seven horses, the resplendent one, the son of Kayapa, holding a lotus in the hand, unto Him I prostrate.
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Prayers dedicated to Surya are chanted on Sundays and also on Ratha Saptami and Bhanu Saptami days.View this in: This stotram.He who consumes meat, intoxicating drink(s on Sunday (the day of the Sun God will the art of software security testing pdf be born plagued with diseases in seven births, and remain pauper throught his births, present and future.Through the daily recitation of (this) Sryaka the problems caused due to graha-p (problems caused by planetary movements) are rent assunder, he without sons will beget progeny, and the poor become abundant with wealth.Bhskara, dideva (the primodial Lord bless me!Link, surya Stotram in Telugu in pdf.The supreme ruler of all the worlds, the administrator, of all deadly sins, unto that Sun God I prostrate.The Omni-present and luminous Lord of the whole Universe, unto that Sun God, I prostrate.By, abhilash Rajendran, this particular Surya Stotram in Telugu is a mantra dedicated Surya, the Hindu Sun God.He who ceases from intimate company of women, oil bath, meat, honey on Sunday, will not be affected by miseries caused due to diseases, worries or poverty and shall live happily; at the end He will depart (directly) to Sryaloka the abode of Lord Srya.

I prostrate the Lord of The world, the bestower of liberation through the effulgent rays of knowledge and the destroyer of great sins.
Prostration unto thou, O Divkara (The deity responsible for the creation of Day O Prabhkara(the deity responsible for ushering light unto the world prostrations unto to thou.
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The one who assumes the form of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, and also the form(s) of Brahm, Viu and Mahevara, the great warrior, remover of deadly sins, unto that Sun God, I prostrate.Surya Stotram in Telugu in pdf Download Mantra and Prayer dedicated to Surya for Free.Seated on a red chariot, the father of the whole world, the annihilator of deadly sins, unto him I prostrate.Powered by Blogger, copyright.View this in, with correct anuswaras marked.Sryadeva of red complexion like that of the Bandhka tree, adorning a garland around His neck, Earrings on his ear, holding the divine discus (cakra) in the shape of time, unto Him, I prostrate.View this in, with correct.Surya, bhagawan (4) Suryashtakam.View this in, with.