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He ends the chapter about Jamilas mother with a poignant observation: Ethiopias racist feudal system had the ability to frighten its leaders as with the ordinary people.
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After years of contemplation, Zerayakob came to a conclusion that others believed their religion was the right one, much the same way he thought about his own.
Those who read and liked his previous works would greatly enjoy reading this book.
Tesfayes detractors, particularly ethnic Amharas, have accused him of sowing discord among, otherwise united, Ethiopian people.From its title, Ye Jamila Inat gives the impression that the book is about Muslim socio-political problems in Ethiopia.While there, Zerayakob prayed and questioned God, searching for answers.Tesfaye acknowledges that his previous work as a journalist for a state-run magazine, before his eventual fallout with the ruling party, gave him unique access to historical records dating as far backup exec 2012 server 2000 agent back as Meneliks era.He was angry about the fact that people believed they knew a lot and did not want to explore more.But few details are known about his mothers side of the family.Tesfaye adds that Haileselassie, who had Oromo, Muslim and Gurage background, hid or disowned his family roots to protect his throne and to be accepted into the Orthodox Amhara-dominated system.In the book Tesfaye recounts her Muslim background and also tells us her given name was Jemila.In this respect, Ye Jamila Inat will be a great addition to many contemporary works about Ethiopia by historians, writers, film producers, artists and.He has authored nine books, including two in which he contributed chapters.

For example, the chapter on Jamilas mother is a tale about Haileselassies family roots.
His fans and detractors are waiting to see what Tesfaye has written about this time.
That is the only way we can shape our future and not repeat the ugly mistakes of yesteryears.
But its some of the minute details that I found most surprising.Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.As such, instead of trying to suppress a voice different from that which we have been led to believe, it will be better to interrogate both sides of the Ethiopian story so as to use it to understand the past.Tesfaye has found a niche, focusing on untold stories and uncovering hitherto falsified historical accounts.His decision last month to become Oromo and change his name as per Mogaassa custom has endeared him even more to his many Oromo fans.And the violent history of forced conversion and expansion of religion, both Islam and Christianity, to Ethiopia.If Ethiopias unity can be shaken by one ordinary writers work, its fair to conclude that there was never a unity in the first place, writes Tesfaye in the preface of the new book.