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When watching this you will quickly realize that these actors (Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, Mark Strong, Allen Leech) will be around for a long time entertaining.
Technical merits are no shortage of excellence on display.
He had been warned by MI6 only months before his death not to continue his homosexual lifestyle (they were paranoid after the Burgess-Maclean dark lover black dagger brotherhood 1 pdf saga) but he continued to visit Greece where he openly took up with gay men.
All the cast are on top form, in orbit around a stellar performance by Benedict Cumberbatch that layers humour, complexity, sexuality and the palpable frustration of a brilliant mind not quite able to communicate with his fellow humans.A lovely script that had you switching back and forwards between tears and laughter.She wears Joan like an old coat from the back of the closet.It's a sure-fire Oscar contender for several Academy Awards including Best Picture.It wasn't actually even his idea; the idea of using a machine was brought to him by Dilly Knox from pre-war ideas worked up by a Polish team.He worked in a team headed by Dilly Knox, not even depicted in the film, who succeeded in breaking the code on Gordon Welchman, again not depicted in the film, later headed the military section that developed the 'Bombe' machine (called 'Christopher' in the film).223 out of 324 people found the following review useful: Ticks all the boxes Author: lucia-cascioli from Toronto, Ontario 17 September 2014 I'll make my review short.Oscar-winner or not, this will be looked upon like the greats such as Gene Hackman in The French Connection or any legendary 70's game pes 2014 isl layar 128x160 movie that you love today.Czech, danish, dutch, english, farsi/Persian, finnish, french.There is no way that Turing would have been in a position to decide not to save the convoy (or even know that there was one to save).

It's rarely that happens to me but when this comes out in November, I will be straight to the cinema and purchasing a ticket to watch.
A great British Hero.
This film intensely distorts these events and is a disgraceful insult to those who actually did the work.
Can he fool you that he is a real human being and not a super intelligent machine?
96 out of 119 people found the following review useful: A gross distortion of people and events.Telling the story of Alan Turing, a mathematician who in 1939 led a pioneer in cracking one of the most difficult codes in history.Cutting the film to perfection, and forcing your heart into throat, this espionage thriller succeeds for general audiences because of Goldenberg's efforts.He follows the demons of Turing down to his bones.She has all the things that make up an Oscar nominee; a scene that will likely bring you to tears, plenty of scenes that play as the comic relief in a dark tale, and being simply charming in every part of the film.