tutorial swift elite 4

It also means its far easier to send the game find the cat entire map in your direction with a single bullet fire so heres the things we wish wed known before we started playing.
If you dont know the code for these, youll have to use a satchel charge to get the (literally) blasted things open and thatll send everyone scurrying in your direction.
If you find a generator near a prime sniping position, you can sabotage it to continually make noise and mask the sound of your shots, giving you free rein to fire without detection.Not only that but youll get a little factoid about the soldier in your sights too.Soundmasks are brilliant, speaking of suppressed ammo, if you dont have any but still want to shoot everyone in the noggin, you can either make the most of the soundmask in some levels - indicated helpfully by a noise meter at the top of the.You can take a similar approach while hanging from a ledge if an enemy is above - whistle to lure them in your direction then a swift melee kill will dispatch them over the edge.If theres not stacks of enemies to take down at long range, you can rig the generator to explode when someone investigates.

You can avoid this by going for body shot kills.
You want to send bullets through skulls, lungs and testicles and you want it now.
There are some great pistols lying around so keep an eye out.Use the loadout screen, it might seem like a silly tip but use your loadout screen.However if the map is red and enemies are converging, they know exactly where you are and its time to get the hell out of dodge.Karl Fairburne probably isnt very good at relationships - what with the constant threat of death and all those bits of bush in his hair - but the one love of his life, his good old binoculars, dont care about all that.As you might have gathered, theres more than a few collectibles hiding in each level.Know your radar, keep an eye on the colour of your radar.Theres even a tiny gap thatll let you shoot the driver, letting you take down the rest without any risk of retaliation.Clean up after yourself, it might sound like an irritating chore but if you take out an enemy in an area where their the lost mind of dr brain windows 7 corpse is likely to get spotted on the patrol route of others, pick up the body if you can and move.