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Compared in size to the figures, this face was obviously carved from stone and its size was three to five time longer than the total height of the standing female figure.
Check out the 2008 Needles UFO crash chapter that was 178.6 miles Southeast of Area-51.
Kumburgaz is a very small city built alongside the Sea of Maramara.(At m It took place in General Pico, La Pampa, Argentina.He could not get a copy of the photo and print it out because his graphical remote viewer works only frame by frame and it was a Java application, so he could not save it onto the hard drive.At 1:52 you can see a hieroglyph that looks like a person wearing a headdress and glasses.

Everyone on the plane was surprised.
Another separate yet similar video is at m/watch?
Which starry night pro 6 user manual was a bit shocking.Sadly, as they began to unravel the tether, they encountered a problem and the line broke, but five hours of data were recorded from the experiment.He says that almost a half dozen police officers had seen the UFOs over a few day period, but that they were too afraid to come forward for fear of losing there jobs or being ridiculed.Perhaps he is right about the situation.It is clear that modern day radar is not equipped to catch our silent hill pc games interstellar friends as they come near to or even on top of the radar.A retired police officer also reported seeing the UFO over Paulden, Arizona.Perhaps to communicate with a hidden underground alien facility or to scan the area for a mineral or lost probe.Latter that morning they discovered one of the wind turbines was bent and one of its blades had gone missing (but latter recovered a long ways away).(For more info in these underground bases, read my chapter on it at the end of my novel, Dragons of Asgard.) Understand these are alien driven craft and not ghosts or gods that can travel through mountains.This person is trying extremely hard to get his story out, yet he is not telling us much yet, so only time will tell if he is a true astronaut.