ultrastructure of animal cell electron microscope

The type II epithelial cells of the lung.
Scanning electron micrograph ( A ) and thin section ( B ) of type II pneumocyte with microvilli kath and kim episodes ( V ) on peripheral zone of apical cell surface.
All eukaryotic ribosomes are of the larger, "80S type.Centrifuge supernatant at very high speed (300 000 x g for 3 hours). .Double membrane of mitochondria with formation of cristae.Bars :.5 m (.1 m ( D, E ).Pibyl P, Cepák V, Zachleder.Kinetics of transformation of type II to type I cells.The space between the inner membrane and the thylakoid is called the stroma.

Separation and partial characterization of surfaceactive fractions from mouse and rat lung homogenates.
New York: McGrawHill, 1980,.
Some unicellular protoctists have feeding vacuoles for digesting food, or contractile vacuoles for expelling water.
There are often channels through plant cell walls called plasmodesmata, which link the cytoplasms of adjacent cells.
Tolerance and crosstolerance using NO2 and.International Cell Biology, 19761977.The respiratory mucous membrane.B from Weibel Figure.Synthesis and segregation of secretory proteins: the signal hypothesis.Synthesis, intracellular transport and secretion of macromolecules by the lung.This removes insoluble tissue (e.g.Calcium compartmentalization in vascular smooth muscle: electron probe analysis and studies on isolated mitochondria.Capillary pericyte ( PC ) with extension ( arrows ) that lies between the endothelial cell ( EN ) and its basement membrane in its peripheral part.