unsupported major minor version 51.0 eclipse mac

Stack Overflow x Dismiss, i'm not a programmer but I couldn't find any answer on this website.
How do I fix it?
It is likely that you have one version (51.0 Java 7) of javac installed, and you also have the same version of java installed, but that another previous version of java is appearing earlier in the path and so is being invoked instead of the.
The latest versions may be downloaded through the links below: Note that 32 bit versions should only be used if you're really in a 32 bit machine.Step 5 - Once you successfully run the app, you should then put the system back into protected mode with: sudo spctl -master-enable, native Linux Install, download the.tar.Zip from MediaFire, extract it in a folder, or use the URL: m/latest then, on Eclipse (or a previously downloaded LiClipse) go to: Help Install New Software and on the dialog add the folder where you extracted the update site contents, select all the items.Step 3 - Make sure that "Anywhere" is now selected.I'm trying to run a game on linux ubuntu with Java Open JDK but nothing happen.I tried to run it with the prompt command and it said this: Exception in thread "main" net/kc/main/Main : Unsupported major.Java up vote 29 down vote, this is because of a higher JDK during compile time and lower JDK during runtime.The path environment variable tells the command shell where to look for act 64 bit outlook the command you type.You may have to uninstall openjdk-6 first.For Ubuntu use apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk to get Java 7 as default.

Requirement: uninstall conflicting bundles Note that if you have some of the bundled plugins in Eclipse (i.e.: PyDev, AnyEdit, ColorTheme, StartExplorer, Egit) you may have to uninstall it before installing LiClipse.
Minor version.0 at fineClass1(Native Method) at fineClassCond(Unknown Source) - Note that the native LiClipse installers ship by default with a VM, so, the installed java version shouldn't be a concern.
So you just need to update your JDK version, possible.Update the current installation with an update site that's more recent following the update site instructions.In this case, it's recommended to download the Eclipse Platform Runtime Binary from lipse.This error means that the JRE that is being used to execute your class code does not recognise the version of Java used.Use the -target parameter.The runtime command is java and comes with the JDK and is in the JRE.Minor version.0 up vote 10 down vote, the Java runtime you try to execute your program with is an earlier version than Java 7 which was the target you compile your program for.Minor version.0 at fineClass1(Native Method) at at at at at n(urlclassLoader.Compiled it) is newer.