update windows 7 home to enterprise

According to 2013 cricket world cup game Woody, if the pre-req software is missing, you simply get an error message, nothing breaks.
Gambling that the point of being off-line was to insure that Windows Update wasn't running, I stopped the Windows Update service before running the.msu file.
One of the PCs was last updated at the end of August 2016, another at the end of September and the third in early October.
Back in April, the company tbs cover editor serial announced they were laying off 12,000 employees.
The final indignity is that when you un-install the Intel driver update software, the buggy.NET framework remains.The speeds that I refer to below are all in the first phase of Windows Update, where it detects the missing bug fixes.Woody doesn't suggest this, but it's always safer to install bug fixes on a newly booted system rather than one that has been running for a while.Yes, I know that most Android devices don't get bug fixes at all, but that's a different issue altogether.Nothing remarkable here, other than the timing.

The third machine was another desktop (yet again, no Bluetooth issue to deal with) where the last bug fixes were installed October 2nd.
The procedure for installing the fast version of Windows Update, as Woody describes it, is a bit intimidating at first.
Then, you have to reboot after installing.
If you are not in an organization that subscribes to msdn there is now another option for you to get the Enterprise version of the Creators Update through the.
Go back on-line, and Windows Update should be zippy again.After it installs, you have to reboot.Then, if the necessary pre-req software is missing, we have to decide whether to install KB3177467 or KB3020369.For one thing, it installs the.NET framework version.5, without any up-front notice or warning.All went well, and the new improved Windows Update took about a minute and a half to find 5 missing patches.Earlier in the day, Windows Update ran for so many hours on this machine that I lost track and turned the machine off to put it out of its misery.TechNet Evaluation Center plus you can read about all the new Enterprise features in Windows to understand the enhancements made in this update.Nothing inspires confidence like installing software with known bugs.Worse still, were the results; it wanted me to install two different versions of a graphics driver.