using ms office on ipad mini

I now have a successful working version of MS Office (MS365) on my iPhone and iPad, but it took about a half-hour with a Microsoft Service Technician to get there. .
So while Redmond is acknowledging the slow death of a huge revenue stream, its finally coming awake to the fact that it has in-hand a lucrative replacement: its ubiquitous.
Google Drive and, quickOffice around and you will see people wondering whether it is worth paying a monthly or turk point blank cheat annual sum for an office suite?
(Dont cheer too loudly Apple fans, the same turnabout is happening with sales of Mac OS laptop and desktop computers).You will be able to use iPad or iPhone to access any software installed on your PC, such as using MS Office to work on your documents.Want to step into the land of creating new files and editing existing ones?AND only work for local file paths, so you would first have to store that document from your server onto the phone, then open it from the phone using the then, if you want, delete it from the phone so that there's no used.Yes, Microsoft IS reachable by phonein fact they called.Now itazura na kiss love in tokyo episode 2 MS is taking it a step further by making the Office Suite available on Android and iOS platforms.And before you ask, yes, this piece was written using MS Word on an iPad mini.Office365 registration Home Premium stands at USD.99 for a month, although there is a USD.99 plan on the way too.

Ah, you will then have to part with money for a monthly or annual.
Laptop and desktop computer purchases are diminishing by the day worldwide, which means the Windows black ops 2 zombies hack ps3 OS cash cow of yesteryear has already seen its heyday.
You have to send this link to your iPhone or iPad by email, and open it there, then downoad the app from a browser, and click to install. .
Now, who was it who said tablets could not be used for productivity?There are some sneaky imposters (lookalikes) out there in the marketplace. .A year ago, our answer would have been a resounding and unequivocal yes.Once the app is installed, you go through a standard sign-on sequence using your Microsoft credentials, and eventually you get to a screen that lets you view or generate new Word and Excel files, including those you can access from OneDrive. .Best of all, the compatibility with MS Office files created on desktops or notebooks is outstanding we got heavily formatted documents which hardly any loss of formatting, barring he odd case of font unavailability.And while Google Drive is a much plainer affair, those accustomed to it might not want to wander too far from.Nope, there is no pay once and use for life option out here, but more on that later.