va auto dealer processing fee

quot;: Originally Posted by, aCWhite.Consumer Reports has dealer cost info (and lots of guidance on how to negotiate in the April auto issue and Checkbook.
If there is an "N" in the column, it means that you will pay tax on the full amount of your new-car purchase, and the trade-in has no bearing on the sales tax you are charged.
Consumer Reports has dealer cost info (and lots of guidance on how to negotiate in the April auto issue and Checkbook.
We've taken the data provided by those dealers, calculated a median fee, and rounded it up or down to the nearest.Still, this chart will tell you roughly what to expect and help you budget accordingly.Vada offers a brochure that explains processing fees.The law has no provision to allow a dealership to charge a document fee, a consumer calendar 2012 india with holidays and festivals pdf services fee, a dealer administrative fee, or any fee prison break stagione 1 ita other than a processing fee.I was looking at a car online and decided to keep my current car after seeing the fine print - "All prices rome total war alexander game are plus applicable state taxes, tags, and 689.50 proc.

Negotiate based on the extras if you decide to use them for those extras., 02:04 PM, eagle4Life 179 posts, read 168,362 times, reputation: 225.
It is simply a "profit addition" regardless of what the dealer calls.
Edmunds updates this information regularly, but let us know if you come upon any information that's out of date.
The law specifically allowing a processing fee was enacted fifteen years ago.
It is free and quick.Finally, doc fees and sales taxes change frequently.Usually, the more expensive the car is, or the more it weighs, the higher the registration fee.Doc fee limits This will tell you if the documentation fee is regulated by the state and the maximum allowed amount.It is not one the DMV requires the dealership to charge.Dealers in Virginia are fortunate that the state legislature has allowed dealers to make their own business decisions as to the processing fees they charge, provided the fee is properly disclosed.Registry fees, in particular, are tricky, but DMV websites in many states have calculators to help guide you.Other terms are not specifically allowed by statute.But it works on some people so they might as well try., 09:00 AM 117 posts, read 259,139 times Reputation: 34": Originally Posted by smarterguy When buying new, look on the forum on Edmunds called "prices paid".They will figure out the base price, sales tax, processing fee etc based on the final (out-the-door price).