vampire masquerade bloodlines unofficial patch

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Hid male Gangrel player model hole and rearranged UP Python scrips.
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Made Romero boink possible after zombie quest and Wong Ho stand.Patch.7, unofficial english Patch.7 by Wesp5 (243MB).Protean, discipline, online Presence, as a long-running project the Unofficial Patch has several places where it is officially distributed and the project itself represented.As a result, the game was left in a comparably bad state, with many bugs left in the game and many of them being potentially game-breaking.List of changes Camarilla Edition.5 Download Camarilla Edition.5 (348MB) This MOD is based upon patch.8, but doesn't require it installed.Added credits to easter egg ending and moved Yugo near SM blueblood.Patch.4 Unofficial english Patch.4 by Wesp5 (243MB) List of changes in version.4 Patch.3.1 Unofficial english Patch.3.1 by Wesp5 (243MB) Unofficial english Patch.3 to .3.1 by Wesp5 (5MB) List of changes in version.3.1 Patch.3 Unofficial english Patch.3.

The, unofficial Patch is a community-driven project that has been in development since official release.
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Repaired bad Ocean House basement sprite and traffic lights on hubs.
List of changes in Clan Quest MOD.0 Clan Quest MOD.1 Download english Clan Quest MOD.1 (701MB) This MOD is based upon patch.3, but doesn't require it installed.
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