visual studio 2012 uml sequence diagram

You can create an Interaction Use rectangle (12) on one diagram that points to the details in another diagram.
Use a comment to: Note win7 32-bit vs 64-bit benchmark what has been achieved at key points in the sequence.
or - Right-click the class, component, or interface on its respective diagram, and then click Create Lifeline.Draw sequence diagrams for each major message to the same component or system.To move or copy message sequences on the sequence diagram Right-click a message (3, 4) and then click Copy.Add a lifeline Choose Lifeline in the Toolbox, and then choose the diagram.You can rename a group, but the name will be lost when you expand.

Do not highlight certain manual changes, such as additions and name changes Open the shortcut menu for the sequence diagram surface, and then choose Properties.
A runes of magic client slim sequence diagram can help you explore the code and to present it to others.
Many messages cross lifelines.
If the combined fragment type allows multiple fragments, an empty fragment also appears.
Solution and external references, for example, you can start with a simple sequence diagram by examining only those method calls to items in the immediate project.This helps you visualize a group of objects as a single component.Using a generated sequence diagram, you can often identify features of the existing code that make it difficult to change or adapt.To add new messages to a fragment, use the message tools, or copy and paste.For more information, see Link Model Elements and Work Items.