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Dynamically Allocated Memory Dynamic memory is allocated when you do new (C) or malloc (C/C).
ITK provides its own ss_putenv and ss_getenv wrapper functions.
Function call will result into memory access error or program crash because the heap where memory is allocated is not same as the one from where it is being freed.
Visual Studio Premium 2012 with msdn.Visual Studio Professional 2012 with msdn.For rest of the discussion, please refer to the CRT Environments above (Figure 1).Subsequently, FuncB reads that same environment variable using getenv.This would result in interpretation errors of CRT objects, especially C class instances.Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 with msdn.Also see if there is any safe replacement version available.Refer to Visual Studio-2005 documentation regarding Security Enhancement in the CRT and Deprecated CRT Functions.Or worst yet, program would result in memory access error or program crash if it was the first ever call to strtok from that CRT instance.For example: For Visual Studio.NET 2003, these libraries are: msvcr71.DLL, msvcp71.DLL, and msvcm71.DLL.

Dll that is compiled against Visual Studio-2005 and LibB.
And it is updated or created using putenv CRT function.
If multiple CRT instances cant be avoided then the library responsible for allocating memory must provide means of freeing the allocated memory too.
These classes and methods are subject to same limitation discussed before in subsection In-Line functions, Template Classes, and Template Functions.
It also includes two support calls.Similarly, libraries from Group-2, namely LibC.The first call to strtok requires the input string to be tokenized.Many times I have seen programmers complain that they see some strange behavior during testing; something that they cannot explain.However, interpreting the memory content may result into exceptions, data corruption, memory access error, or program crash.FuncA Calls Called Function Performs Notes FuncB Memory Free Memory Reallocation Memory Access Function call does not cross CRT boundary.Mapping between power timer switch singapore Visual Studio product names and corresponding internal version numbers is as follows: Product Name, version Number, visual Studio.NET.0, visual Studio.NET 2003.1, visual Studio 2005.0.When the program enters into FuncC, the CRT instance of LibC interprets the vector object from stack using its own (Visual Studio-2008) implementation.