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Its something that Admin has tried to fix but cant figure out how.
Cinderpaw wants to help, you tell her that she cant help and hopes she listens.
Talk to Graystripe who says that he isnt going to let the kits grow up not knowing who their father.
He wants you to watch there progress as they hunt.
She says she knows some elders that will help you out and that she will go and get them.Ravenpaw will thank you for helping him get away from Tigerclaw.Prey Shop- may not be all disk doctors photo recovery crack serial shown in the beginning of the game, shop is either located at the warriors den or apprentice den Mouse(Restores game nhai co tam quoc HP to one ally)- 50 Squrriel(Restores HP to one ally)- 150 Rabbit(Restores HP to one ally)- 750 Pheasant(Restores HP/SP.You cant get them back if you sell them.

Talk to the cat outside the apprentice den to find out that Ashpaw hasnt seen Cloudpaw around lately.
It changes when you change status.
14: Medium Heal.
At the bottom of the screen is the ThunderClan patrol.Now to get out the fastest way is to just go down and hit the trap.Talk to Bluestar to become the mentor of Cloudkit, now renamed Cloudpaw.The enemies here are rats so be careful when battling them.Before doing to the next part make sure you have a mouse with you, if you dont have one buy one.Talk to Tigerclaw, he says stay loyal to your clan.With a power of 200, this move is considerably strong, and it also poisons you.She didnt like you talking to Smudge and neither did Tigerclaw who followed you but you passed your test.If you go to the menu by pressing the x button you can go down to Claws and equipped the Claws that Bluestar just gave you.When you use the Moves you use.