wiikey fusion 1.5 update

The number and location of solder points on the drive chip is "automatically" accounted for through the use of chip-clips, and such clips extend the range of future possible solutions.
Completely solderless, plug-and-play installation, no 'soft mod' required, wBFS Support.
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The drivechip can be soldered onto a clip that replaces the wires that connect the disc drive to the drivechip, and connects onto the drive itself.
Its release was met with scepticism in the modding community, as it was felt that the particular method it used was readily fixable by Nintendo and commercial use would result in a useless product and the loss of an important vulnerability in the Wii.Released in early 2008, Datel s Freeloader for the Wii was capable of circumventing region restrictions.The newer fourth generation of drivechips do not require soldering; they sit between the connection to the Wii and the disc drive.Tibonou: @JoniSalmi Sorry, I can't.Wasabi V1 No Yes Yes Yes No No No No Wasabi V2 No Yes Yes Yes Yes Needs an update No No Wasabi V3 No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Wasabi Zero Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Identical to the.Following the D3, a newer chipset known as the D3-2, was released.Such chips are advertised as "plug and play" and include the FlatMod, FlatMii, Wasabi DX, WiiKey Fusion, DriveKey, and the.This update also makes some improvements to the alignment of the selection menu cursor.Wii-Boss No Yes Yes No No No No No WiiD No Yes Yes No No No No No WiiFree No Yes Yes No No No No No Open-source drivechip.

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Installation on a Gamecube View detailed how-to Installing Swiss as the loader More information available here Reversing the API See separate page available here Weblinks.
Supports audiostreaming GC games recovery mode makes it possible to recover from a bad flash or corrupt data in flash 16Mbit onboard flash for storing data and applications.
Fpga fully updatable from SD card via jtag gUI for configuration and multigame selection.
With the release of Neogamma by WiiPower (a modification of Backup Launcher it has now become obsolete.DVD Direct Boot Supported GC wbfs Menu NOT Supported Wiikey Fusion.2 This update fixes a few bugs that some users have been experiencing: namely a bug causing some DVDs not to eject when the eject button is pressed and another bug causing the flash.In May 2008, Nintendo released a new batch of Wii systems with drive chipsets (D2C2) that look identical to D2C drives but require updated chips for support.Checkvec: what was that thing u put the sd card into?As of around early November 2013 the clone Wiikey Fusions are out of production, however the.When Nintendo released the D2C drive chipset, it broke compatibility with every (at that time) Wii drivechip.Name Availability DMS/D2A Compatible D2B Compatible D2C Compatible D2C2 Compatible D2E Compatible D3 Compatible D3-2 / D4 Compatible Notes Argon/InFeCtuS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No InFeCtuS chips are universal, can be flashed for other consoles.Requires programmer sold separately Firmware WiiKey Fusion Firmware Firmware version Release Notes Additional Info Wiikey Fusion.0 Initial Release DVD Direct Boot Supported GC wbfs Menu NOT Supported Wiikey Fusion.1 Fixes one bug causing DVD games to loop back to the system menu.There are also similar workarounds for software modifications.Features, compatible with DMS, D2A, D2B, D2C, D2C-2, D2E, D3, D3-2 * and D4 * drive chipsets, compatible with all regions: USA, JAP, PAL and korea.