windows xp professional 1-2cpu oem

I scramble game kanbe akira have: 2x HP NC4000 1x HP NC4010, all three of these have a Windows XP Pro COA attached to the bottom.
Thanks a lot for any advice or help, Luke.
It's just using it which I'm having issues with.
WindowsXP Professional 1-2CPU OEM Software.MS WindowsXP Professional 1-2CPU OEM Software.Codes invalid etc etc etc.So I'm a bit unsure of why some of the codes are seen as invalid and some get through, but wont Activate.Now you can probably all guess my problem.HPQ, x, both NC4000 has a different Product Key and Serial Number.NC4010:-, windows XP Professional, loudspeaker design cookbook 7th edition ebook hP, x, they all have their own HP S/N and P/N so by the looks of things they all have their own XP Pro Licence.Now I've been reading up and searching and found that my issue is probably that I have OEM COA's that are Manufacturer Specific, with certain back-up discs or specific OEM versions of Windows.The Details on the COA's: NC4000:-, windows XP Professional 1 - 2 CPU.

By using an OEM version of XP Pro, would this solve my issue?
Can someone help, or start to advise me what to do or where to go, as I'm starting to boggle myself.
Txt 291 d 772 g 675 MB b 27 MB.txt 291.txt 291.Basically I have bough a fe wlaptops, which I have repaired and fixed up ready to sell on (first dealings with repairing laptops, only used to be desktops).I'm only used to dealing with installing new copies of Windows with new COA's and perfectly fine Codes.Hi There, I hope someone can help, as I've thoroughly confused myself (not the first time either).Edited November 17, 2007.OEM disc off somewhere like Ebay wont help?How do I go about buying a Version.Pro with all the Volume labels you've listed on?