wolfenstein 3d mod maker

Virtually every graphic has been changed.
The Fall Of Tails 20 fair sized and mostly lightly decorated levels.
There are a number of code changes, including new unikey 4.8 full mf helpart, intermission screens windows 7 startup repair f key and logfiles.
If you use texture mods like Skyrim HD, install smim first, then the texture mods and let them overwrite the few files that might conflict with smim.The levels are quite extensive and the decoration is about right.Weapons Of Vengeance 2 Nine levels that are mostly well designed though not that extensive.Some modified graphics and sounds.Although the levels are for the most part designed well, there are a few walls that look out of place at times.Hopefully the end result will have been to your satisfaction and, as said by someone involved in the original mod released back in 2002, something that John would have been proud.The DHW SDL Mapset, Spear of Destiny Edition 21 new levels, made by The DHW Team (see Readme for more details).

Gates Of Hell 11 levels (10 on episode 1, and 1 on episode 2) that are mostly not that large.
Virtually all the graphics are from the original game though there are many new sounds.
A mini manual is included with the zip file, and credit is given for all contributions.By Venom Games Inc.Escape From Steinberg Castle 5 levels of a fair size and they are all well decorated.All secret pushwalls are marked in some fashion by an odd object or a picture on a wall.There are a few modified graphics but the Wolf3D feel remains.Source code changes include Spear music and seamless levels.