word clock screensaver windows 8

Debugger: Fixed uninitialized screen data sometimes appearing when stepping.
UI: Shift-hover over a basic or DOS error message now displays error help.
HLE: Fixed bug where pokey was put into initialization mode after an unaccelerated SIO transfer.
Debugger: Fixed incorrect wrapping of zero page indexed addressing modes in disassembly.HLE: Fixes to math pack acceleration.UI: Window position is saved on exit.Antic: Corrected wsync, DLI, and paint shop pro photo xi for photographers VBI timing.AltirraOS: Fixed CIO read record when line exactly fits in buffer.When you see it on your monitor, the motions and color changes are mesmerizing.Flash: Toggle bits are now implemented during the multiple sector erase timeout period.CPU: Fixed video snow problem when running CPU faster than.79MHz.Gtia: Player/missile size code 10 can now trigger shifter lockup.

Network: Fixed emulated Ethernet packet timing.
AltirraOS: CIO PUT record with length0 now outputs A without EOL.
Debugger: Fixed misspelled skres symbol.Ultimate1MB: Fixed SDX control register not gating non-side external cartridges properly.65C816: JMP (abs) now always reads from bank 0 instead of the data bank.Display: Altered full screen resolution selection to allow possibly unsupported modes for best photo editor world better access to 50Hz refresh modes.Cassette: Added support for non-standard baud rates.AltirraOS: Fixed GET byte returning bogus characters for PBI-based CIO devices.Debugger: Added set tracepoint (bt) command.