x-men mutant academy 2 iso

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Features elaborate special moves and multiple endings.
3271 users online 52 registered 3219 guests.OverviewA fighting game involving the biggest X-Men characters, and the sequel to the original Mutant Academy.Download Emulator, extrat RAR, unecm file (Drag and Drop ECm file to unecm.Master all new, over the top moves including aerial combat as you fight through the ranks of mutants and prove you have what it takes to earn X Men Status.Reviewbot rates this game: 4/5, if you enjoy other "retro" two-player 3D fighting titles like Tekken 3, Dead or Alive, BioFreaks, Soul Edge, etc., then you might give this one.Registered users: 4fatal, Albatross, amirr1234, anvile, babyjoe00069, barnstable, birdsban, boofs, brandonba, cajh, ConnorWorks, crazygamerguy, damotheking, EarthwormJames, fafadou, g13exzerocoby, hiropon, HisDivineShadow, kaos_engr, kostyama2022, mplayer, Mugrim, NoMention, poyou04, pumuki, RatBuGasTi, retromonks, Rocky5, rodion, rsb, Sash_Lilac, ScottyT1980, shane12, sheeplover, Skuns, Socalcat, StarlawKS, SumOfAllFear5, thameslink, thedoctor45, Thelonewolf, Theomenkid_0, TheTechDoc.Game Info, train with Professor X to unleash your super powers and polish your combat skills.File Download (SC mirror Download (GD hint : Click Continue to view the link.File Info, system : Playstation, best Emulator : Epsxe, file Size : 251.Game Description Reviews: OverviewA fighting game involving the biggest X -Men characters, and the sequel to the original Mutant Academy.

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