xpeed helmets any good

I guess that means it was a very good year!
Right now it's my favorite lid!
The graphics remind me of the Shark RSX Intense, in design only.
They're marked up about 20 with the rebranding, but the quality is still remarkable for the price." From "J.D." (9/08 "Just a note on Xpeed helmets.
But that should make for a great helmet when the weather gets nip out.Paint, Graphics and Overall Quality, while the finish on the Xpeed XF-705 isn't up to, say, Shark RSX standards, it's still pretty decent, with a thick-feeling clear coat over somewhat complex and slightly outdated discworld 2 pc game looking (at least in the Spider version shown here) graphics.I was surprised that when I go to loosen the strap to take off the helmet, the fabric strip is wider than any I have had and easy to find as well.Unfortunately, my greatly beloved ZRX 1200 did not fare quite as well and is probably totaled.Note also that perceived noise levels will vary, depending on the individual.

The latching system works; you just have to take a moment to make sure that you engage it correctly.
The face shield has about average top-to-bottom and side-to-side visibility, and the optical quality is good, so no complaints here.
It's lightweight, high tech and exotic. .
We bought the XF-705 shown here in the "Spider" graphics for an incredible.99.Cons: Extremely loud at highway speeds even with ear plugs, a lot of buffeting, tons of lift at 60mph, terrible seal on visor (lets water in).Score: I'll give the Xpeed XF-705 an "Excellent" for its internal shape and comfort.Fly Racing Conquest, fly Racing also uses a left hand lever on the Conquestthis allows you to keep your hand on the throttleand it, too, is small.I think this company has something they need to get out to the unknowing public.For more information on helmet noise, visit the wBW Motorcycle Helmet Noise page.And if you can get by with solid red, silver or white, you can save another 10 bucks!In my uneducated, uncouth opinion, my Xpeed was worth every penny.